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I’m sorry Luke


I dislike how everyone shrugs off Juvia’s obsessive/stalker behavior over Gray. Yes, I said it.  Honestly, I think her and Gray would make a cute couple but her overly obsessive nature, stalker-like behavior and treated Gray like he is a God on Earthland is not good relationship material at all. She doesn’t see Gray she see/loves an idealize image of him and does not see him. No one even considers Gray’s feelings which he clearly does not like her the way she wants him too but he does recognize her as a comrade. After reading that side story with Juvia the ship made more disturbed. She needs help with her obsession and it’s not healthy for her or Gray. It really saddens me that her character dissolved into a yandre-ish character with an obsession and comic relief. The only way I think this ship will work is if Juvia stops being an obsessive stalker and treats Gray like a person with feelings. Juvia needs to realize that she is in a way forcing herself on Gray. GruVia only takes Juvia’s feelings into account not Gray’s.”

-You know what I mean…
-Thanks, Clem.


i said i’ll come back for you no matter what


This took longer to color than I thought! Plus added an omake hahah <3 I was going to do a proper BG but my computer and I have had enough I think. ….I love these two. <3

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I really love these two ◕‿◕✿

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